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Tips To Excel In The Examination

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Examinations are the greatest fear in a student’s life. Even after preparing so well many students do not succeed. This leads to stress and depression among students. Not succeeding in spite of preparing well simply means there was something lacking in the preparations. Maybe the important concepts were not covered, or they didn’t get proper guidance or anything.

To ensure excellence in the examinations, we hereby mention a few major tips that might help the students during their preparations.

Make a List of the Important Concepts

The students should prepare a list of the important and frequently asked concepts such as plant and animal cell, stages of mitosis,  human heart, etc., and prepare notes on them. The students can refer to the prepared notes during the examination.

Practise NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions contain the solved questions from the textbook. These questions help the students enhance their conceptual knowledge and give an idea of answering in the examination.

Practise Previous Year Question Papers

The previous year question papers are the best way to prepare for any examination. These questions help the students to analyse their conceptual knowledge and the expanse of their preparation. It also provides an idea of the type of questions asked.

Take Short Breaks

Continuous studying clutters your mind and hampers your memorizing power. Therefore, it is crucial to go for short breaks at regular intervals while you study.

Meditate or just take a power nap during these breaks. This refreshes your mind and prepares it to grasp further.

Avoid watching movies and TV shows. This might deviate your mind and you might not feel like studying later.

Consult Your Seniors

You can consult your seniors for the important concepts that might be asked in the examination. Talking to the seniors and elders increases your motivation and relieves stress.

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